Choosing The Best Hazardous Waste Cleanup Auckland

The safe disposal of substances that are hazardous plays a vital role in decreasing the risks to the environment and to people and promoting a healthier space to live in. When you are in need of hazardous waste cleanup Auckland, choose a company that is backed by many years of experience along with a great reputation. The KP Group is one of these companies that offer an extensive range of services that are associated with industrial clean-ups.

Hazardous waste cleanup Auckland offered by the KP Group provides services that include floor coatings, gardening, sweeping, scrubbing, line-marking and water blasting, just to name a few. Over the last few years this business has expanded substantially in order to offer businesses and homeowners additional services that relate to industrial sweeping.

The hazardous waste cleanup services are designed to offer clients an optimum level of cleanliness. These services offer business the opportunity to not only improve their overall image but offer a safe and healthy environment for their customers and employees.

The KP Group makes use of the latest detergents, equipment, technology and machines in order to provide a trustworthy and superior service every time. The operators that work for this company have all received specific training in aspects relating to the detergents, and operating the machines. The services on offer cover nearly every aspect and allows for applicable solutions that contribute to a safer and cleaner environment.

The machines used for hazardous waste cleanup Auckland include powerful options such as the 3640 Walk-behind Sweeper and the Super Vac 6400 Sweeper. The machines are either run on a battery or run on petrol or diesel. They range from either a 2 cylinder to a 4 cylinder and the small machine is only 1230 mm in width for the sweeping path that makes it highly suitable to fit into corners and tight spaces.

Each of these machines for hazardous waste cleanup Auckland feature powerful vacuum fans that operate on collecting dust that is caused from the sweeping brushes. The air that is vacuumed up with the dust is first filtered before the machine expels it. In addition, these machines feature a stiff and powerful side brush that is used to lift sawdust, stones, ingrained dirt and even nails which are often left behind on a site after construction.

In operation since 1993, the KP Group is known as the biggest privately owned Ride On Industrial Cleaning Company available today in New Zealand. They boast over 16 years of qualified experience when it comes to industrial sweeping and they only use quality systems to perform their work.

Their variety of machines are designed to complete all types of applications. These machines can cover sites that include 50 square meters all the way up to and over 50,000 square meters. No job is too big or too small and their experience is what makes them the leaders when it comes to industrial cleanups in the area of Auckland and surrounding areas.